1/64 versatile Big Roy 1080

1/64 versatile Big Roy 1080

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1/64 versatile Big Roy 1080 Great video ! Awesome model ! Really nice ! Thanks ! take care ! m
Is it worth the $100+ price that everyone asks for it?
Very nice tractor .
Nice toy and video as always.

I see a 9470RX in the background. Is there going to be a video on that sometime?
You should put duals on it
Hey Jason, I can't seem to find any information on the Central IL. toy show they normally have in Bloomington by the airport this year right after Thanksgiving. Do you know if it's still going on?
Manitoban made whoop whoop! (Awesome vid as usual mate)
Pretty nice great video
I now know this has nothing to do with this video but has anyone else noticed the new MF from Spectre cast is basically the same as the MF8730 just without the front weight