Versatile Tractor Car Smash

Versatile Tractor Car Smash

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Versatile Tractor Car Smash California grows more food then any other state in USA . California isn't just big cities and movie stars.
1:54 beamng drive
Happens where we farm everyday!!!
Bloody Great video. Well done.
This would of been funnier with the quad track. Awesome machine.
Who needs Gravedigger when you've got Versatile?
So, what’s the message here❔
Who want running over my Old car Opel Corsa C CDTI 😊😊??
I've been to California in 1998 (Chino Valley) farming is one of the Main Things in California-People should know that their Food dosent come from the tv's adverteisment , it comes from the fields that US-Farmes cultivate and the livestock that farmers feed-So thank God for the Farmes who produce Food for all the People! Nice Versatile tractor-sad it's an old American brend but owned by a Russian Company in our Days...
A good body shop can work those dents out no problem.
Damn right!!!!

Fix that bastard!!!

Forced education!!!

Another toothless idiot!!!

Forced education!!
Boy ,,, you just Plucked Up a good Fode!!!
I'm a farmer but depicting weed legalization as a bad thing sure makes us look pretty stupid..
This is a stupid way to promote agriculture!
well done thats all i can say
That is brilliant!
Gostei desse equipamento parabéns top esse foi o vídeo mais criativo q já vi 🇧🇷